Lindsay Lohan Accuser Claims Injuries Required Surgery


We’re not saying we can’t imagine Lindsay Lohan doing some serious damage if she wanted to; the woman’s got a lot of deep-seated rage, plus the speed and dexterity of an enraged spider monkey. However, as with all celebrity lawsuits, we’ll take reports that Betty Ford worker Dawn Holland was injured by Lohan, to the point of needing surgery, with a pinch of salt. After filing a lawsuit against the actress on Friday, Holland’s lawyer Owen McIntosh claims his client allegedly required surgical intervention after she developed De Quervain syndrome, a tendon injury, from Lohan twisting her wrist. The part we find dubious is that Holland’s hand would still connected to her arm at all. Seriously, Lindsay’s guns look like steel cables.

To be fair to both parties, Holland did report being injured soon after Lindsay Lohan’s Betty Ford fight with her, though criminal charges against Lohan were eventually dropped. Meanwhile Lindsay is denying reports that she lost her damn mind, drinking-wise, at a friend’s fete this weekend. “Love how going to a friends birthday turns into a slew of lies! grrr – oh well… happy sunday all,” Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter read last night. And if the rest of the planet is lucky, the only place Lohan growls at us will be on the Internet.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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