Andy Cohen Tells “Housewives” To STFU Before Neil Patrick Harris Tells Andy To Do The Same


“You need to eliminate all of them and start from scratch with…people [who have] more to do with their lives than yell at each other.” — Neil Patrick Harris, July 25, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris, as a guest on insufferable Andy Cohen‘s me-me-me-fest, Watch What Happens, metaphorically took a sh*t on the bags of money Cohen sleeps on since creating the monster that is The Real Housewives Of New York, a reality show that glorifies tactless, shrill women with money whose lives solely revolve around chewing each other out on camera.

On their most recent reunion show, Beastmaster Andy Cohen actually lost his cool and told the ladies to “shut fhe f*ck up” (very cool job!), which is very sad, but elicited the only logical, humane response from NPD amid the circus of delusion and tragedy that is grown women fighting over who’s the most classy and elegant, as judged by the minds of little girls in princess gowns.


[via Stoopid Housewives]


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