Lindsay Lohan Served With Teeny, Tiny Lawsuit


If we’re supposed to be impressed by Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit de jour, the plaintiff is really going to have to up the ante. Stephen Clark filed a small claims court lawsuit against Lilo today, claiming that the actress never paid him for his work installing her stereo equipment. The sum total of the lawsuit? $1,180. Jeeeeeeez, Clark, this is the kind of lawsuit Lohan dealt with in grade school. This woman took on E*Trade and has worn an ankle bracelet more often than any regular bracelet. You’re in the big leagues now.

Clark alleges that he installed the equipment during Lindsay Lohan’s house arrest in June, and will also be suing for missed work. Too bad Lindsay eats lawsuits like this for breakfast. No, seriously, she physically eats them; that’s how she stays so thin.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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