“Ghostfellas” Will Be The Greatest Reality Show Of Our Time


Comedian Anthony Devito received this casting notice for a show called “Ghostfellas,” which I think we can all agree is pretty much the most fantastic show idea ever:

For those of you who purchase Reader’s Digest Large Print Edition, allow me to transcribe who they’re looking for:

Seeking real life tough guys, preferably Italian, but open to other types, who believe in ghosts, are fearless, and want to take on the most toughest/violent ghosts in the tri-state area for a new reality show. 

Hmm… so let me get this straight. It’s a reality show… about Italian “mob” types… chasing the world’s scariest ghosts. As the poster above that we created states “FuhGHOSTaBOOtit!” This is to be the greatest show of the new Millennium.

Imagine the dialog! “What, am I scary to you? What, am I like a f*cking ghost to you?” All the while, you got some “guidos” swinging a bat at absolutely nothing? Are you kidding, I’m already preemptively giving this show

(Carol Hartsell over at HuffPo Comedy agrees: Ghostfellas will be a SH*T.)