Those Aliens Sunk Our Battleship (Trailer)!


You would have thought Transformers 3: Dark Side Of The Moon would have satisfied America’s thirst for robot warfare, but surprisingly the new Battleship teaser trailer has us wanting more. Starring Friday Night Light‘s Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard and Brooklyn Decker, Battleship seems to offer a neat spin on the traditional board game set-up: since the villain is some sort of ominous airship, it’s looking down at us like we are tiny plastic boats to be used for its amusement! And are those pegs they’re shooting into the side of those boats? Why, yes. Yes, they are.

Our only problem with the film so far is the glaring absence of Rihanna, who makes her big-budget film debut when the film drops May 18, 2012. Oh, maybe Rihanna has THE LINE and they want to hold onto it until just the right time. You know one we mean.

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