Cutest Dog Fight Ever (It’s Not What You Think)


Do you ever think you can understand what your dog is saying? It’s a far reach, but for a lot of dog owners, we like to apply a sort of humanistic quality to our pets in hope that we can communicate with them in a way that’s more intimate than humanly possible. It’s a pipe dream, for sure, but let us do what we want, okay, America?

These two beautiful Huskies live in a house that is probably prettier than any dump we’ll ever see, so they’ve already got it made. But somebody who loves them filmed what is essentially a full-on argument about playtime, and with added subtitles, it’s like, how can you not put on a trenchoat and sunglasses and book it to your local dog run?

Someone give these two a show. Actually, just replace every rerun of The King Of Queens with this video. Over and over and over. Thanks!

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