Gabe & Max Like The Internet – Episode 10


The dog days of summer are nearly upon us, but like a cool blast of freon to your prefrontal cortex, Gabe & Max are here to make your Friday considerably more chill. In their latest roundup of the videos that made the Internet guffaw over the past week, our daring co-hosts opine on serious and highly controversial¹ topics like:

  • The role of preachers at NASCAR events who use the opportunity to thank the man upstairs for blessing them with “smokin’ hot wives”
  • Whether or not breathing in gasses that make your voice sound quote-unquote “hilarious” is worth the adverse effect it can have your life expectancy
  • Should you shave your forearms, and if so, should you shave them with a super sharp kitchen knife?

Knowing is half the battle, people!

Learn To Flirt [YouTube]
Nascar Prayer [YouTube]
Knife Demo [YouTube]
Kids Argue About Marriage [YouTube]
Funny Guys [YouTube]

¹ These topics are neither serious nor highly controversial.

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