Marvel Posts Last Scene Of Captain America, Avengers Teaser


Marvel’s Captain America last scene is as spoiler-y as you can get, provided any potential audience members actually thought for a second that Cap would be killed by Nazis. No, the real spoiler alert (really, we warn you; it’s an actual spoiler alert) is that in the last scene of the film, Chris Evans‘ Captain America wakes up in modern day New York and finds himself sprinting through Times Square, just in time for the upcoming Avengers movie. Anti-spoiler alert: he is as jacked as he was 70 years ago.

Marvel also leaked the Avengers teaser shown after Captain America‘s credits, complete with Robert Downey Jr.‘s Iron Man and Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury. Nothing too secret to see there, unless you consider it a secret how Chris Hemsworth’s Thor could possibly get any hotter after seeing him play a Norse god the first time around. We’ll give you a hint: hair extensions.

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