Robert Pattinson Bites A Baby, And We Love Him Still


OK, Robert Pattinson didn’t really “bite” a baby, per se. But still, when a fan asked the most famous vampire this side of Dracula (and certainly the cutest) to faux bite her three month old baby, he had to oblige. Rob admitted to a number of bizarre fan requests while being interviewed by Cineplex at this year’s Comicon with lady love Kirsten Stewart. But he says that this baby biting thing totally threw him. At first he wondered if he was supposed to sign it!

“I didn’t really understand the reality of the situation at that point… But there is a picture of me somewhere on the Internet biting this baby.”  We’re sure it’ll surface soon. “I didn’t actually like, touch it,” he was quick to add. “The baby is so young the entire head fit into my mouth.” It takes a special kind of man to make headlines all over the world for biting a baby, and still not find himself with a court case (or even a fan backlash). Rpatz is such a man.

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