Charlie Sheen Is Getting A Funeral On Two And A Half Men


Get ready, because Two And A Half Men is about to get even less funny. The sitcom’s long awaited return to the airwaves in September will feature a funeral for Charlie Sheen’s character. Considering the acrimonious split between Sheen and the production, we bet that the scenes will probably serve as a giant middle finger pointed defiantly at the one with tiger blood coursing through his veins. Revenge is best served cold as a corpse, and at prime time.

We’re also getting an insight as to how Ashton Kutcher arrives at Casa Del Charlie. After the funeral, Jon Cryer puts the Malibu mansion up for sale, and various celebrity guest stars show up for a viewing. Ashton is apparently the lucky buyer, ushering in a whole new era of hijinks. We have no idea why Ashton agrees to take the place with one and a half men still living inside (to act as servants?), but this show could go on forever with this technique. Or at least until Cryer and  half-man Angus T. Jones put a stop to it. Come on guys, you’re our only hope.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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