Matt Damon Schools Interviewer On Education Policy, Makes Mom Proud


Hurray for this video of Matt Damon from the Million Teacher March last weekend, who drops some serious education policy knowledge on a interviewer as his mom — a teacher — looks on with a smirk. The reporter seems to be saying that, with tenure and unions, teachers have zero motivation to work hard — an opinion that obviously does not sit well with Damon. He then unleashes the knowledge dragon on both the lady and her camera-man, who also gets into the mix. The whole thing is accentuated by Damon’s shaved head, which only makes him look even more bad-ass.

The clip above is NSFW for people who are sensitive to swear words. Yes, Damon cusses to make his point. How about them apples?

(Matt gave the keynote address at the March — clip below the jump.)


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