Ashton Kutcher’s Two And A Half Men Character Revealed


Meeeeeeeeen! The reports are in, and Ashton Kutcher’s Two And A Half Men character is allegedly named Walden Schmidt, “an Internet billionaire with a broken heart.” Schmidt reportedly scoops up the Men house in the first two episodes, following Charlie Harper’s funeral during the season premiere. So what we’re hearing is that there is a teeny, tiny chance Walden could be the reincarnation of Charlie Sheen‘s perverted uncle. Just let us live our dream a little longer, okay?

CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler announced the character this week, though did not announce why a despondent fat cat would hang out with some whiner and his adolescent son after buying their house. Maybe Walden adopts Angus T. Jones as his son and keeps Jon Cryer as some sort of obnoxious coat rack? It all sounds a little odd, but then again, who would have guessed a socially awkward mad scientist neighbor would work on a sitcom, and yet Family Matters pulled it off for nine glorious seasons. Meeeeeeeeen!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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