Elle Fanning’s Twixt Trailer Looks Scary Fun


As big fans of campy horror films like It or Evil Dead or Black Swan, we love a quality scary movie that still maintains a high level of delicious cheese. Luckily Francis Ford Coppola‘s Twixt trailer seems to have that perfect blend of creepy and kitschy.”What are vampires but witches that suck blood?,” Val Kilmer‘s disillusioned author Hal Baltimore muses. Yes! We are in.

Unveiled at Comic-Con last week, Twixt features true gems like Kilmer’s luxurious man-pony, Bruce Dern‘s bat-loving sheriff and Elle Fanning‘s hot pink ghost eyeshadow and hair chain. The fact that Fanning’s potentially vampirish character V looks like she’s straight out of the 1996 The Frighteners (starring one Mr. Michael J. Fox) only adds to the absurd atmosphere. And is that great American author Edgar Allen Poe lurking around the woods? Ahhhh, it’s like lowering ourselves into a giant vat of molten cheddar.

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