If You Received A Random Text Today, It’s Possible This Monkey Sent It From His Iphone


Alternate title to this post incuded: “Humans Doomed As Species” and “Tell My Parents I Loved Them.”

That’s because there exists video of a monkey who has learned how to unlock an Iphone. More amazingly, with a series of tiny monkey hands swiping and tapping the screen, he then send a text to someone, with the following cryptic message: “PsdkJeed&& kfs1%/qq/;sdf.” Surely, Dan Brown is already hot on the heels of cracking this ancient and very meaningful message.

OK, fine. The text was just a random series of numbers and letters. Still… give this monkey a few more weeks, and he’ll be all

“2 B Or Not 2 B LOL :) — Monkey.”

I like how the music makes it extra panic-attacky.

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