Mila Kunis Snaps At A Reporter In Russian And It’s Really Hot


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Combining the sexy bilingual skills of the Bradley Cooper French-speaking video with the raw intensity of yesterday’s Matt Damon teacher-rights video, we bring you a clip of Mila Kunis laying the smack down on a reporter…in Russian! And yes, it’s hot. The actress was raised in the Ukraine and when doing some press for Friends With Benefits in Moscow, she was able to converse in her native tongue. At first it’s funny (and hot…really really hot), as her bewildered costar Justin Timberlake looks on confused.

But the vibes turned nasty (but still hot) when one hapless reporter asked Justin why he isn’t returning to his music career. This rubbed Mila the wrong way, and she went old world on the woman! “Why movies?” she snapped in fluent Russian. “Why not? What kind of question is that? Why are you here?” The crowd laughed, Justin looked surprised, and the internet sighed. You don’t mess with Mila’s JT!

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