The Situation Thinks You’ll Like The Way You Look


The Situation has big plans for your wardrobe post-T-shirt Time. According to TMZ  The Situation is selling tuxedos, and no, we don’t mean of the Canadian variety. We’d bet real money that at least a few come complete with a rhinestone-studded stylized dragon, though. The Jersey Shore star has reportedly signed a contract with FLOW Formal to put out a line of tuxes for 2012 titled, of course, “The Situation.” No word on whether the jackets have a built-in drawstring that can be quickly tugged to reveal your abs. If not, consider that idea copyrighted by us.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that the Sitch’s deal netted him over $100,000. It doesn’t surprise us, though; we’re all but numb to the fortunes amassed by Snooks and the gang. Says FLOW’s CEO Brian Weintraub, “This is great for us and great for the industry. [Tuxedos have] become an old man thing.” Now they’re a thing for the modern gentleman, the type of guy who wants to look and feel refined as he lets JWOWW‘s dogs poop all over the house before hiding upstairs, giggling maniacally.

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