Way Back When, Kelly Ripa Appeared On A Dance Show For Teens


Once upon a time, there was a local dance show in the Philadelphia region called Dancin’ On Air. It ran from 1981 to 1987, and was the companion to Dance Party USA. It was basically Soul Train, but for a mixed-race, Philadelphia/New Jersey contingent.

Think about it: New Jersey in the eighties. If you think the kids from Jersey Shore look crazy, imagine if the pouf were six times bigger, teased, and moussed. Needless to say, everyone looked terrifying. And awesome. (Terrifying and awesome: basically the best way to describe the eighties.)

New Jersey teen Kelly Ripa was also on the show, giving Regis an early run for his money when he was but a measly 70 years old.

Kelly Ripa by RichJuz

Bonus: creepy footage of teenagers slow dancing after the jump.

[via FourFour]

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