Michael Showalter Reprises Alan Shemper Character For Wet Hot American Summer Reunion


A portion of the cast of Wet Hot American Summer (which I hesitate to lazily call a “cult classic” because a more accurate term is just “really great movie”) took the stage in Brooklyn this week to introduce a screening of the film in honor of its 10th anniversary.

Being the connoisseur of awful jokes that I am — as anyone who’s heard me point that out before or read .01% of any joke I’ve ever made — I was always a particular fan of Michael Showalter’s “Alan Shemper” character, the catskills comedian who hosts the camp talent show and kills everyone with one painful joke after another. This week, Alan Shemper took the stage again to address rabid Wet Hot fans and more importantly, to finally take this summer heatwave of 2011 to task.

As expected, he nails it as only Alan Shemper can:

(Thanks, Sage!)

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