Olivia Wilde Discusses Her Favorite Vagina Tattoo


If Ke$ha ever sees this video, so help the youth of America. If you happened to be watching Conan last night, you now know more than you ever thought you would about Olivia Wilde’s vagina tattoo preferences. While stopping by late night to plug her new film The Change-Up, Wilde recounted how her character ends up getting inked in an intimate area, leading her to describe “the best vagina tattoo I’ve ever seen.”  Which is a topic we’re endlessly fascinated in, considering the ones we’ve seen are extremely underwhelming.

Despite the fact that we are 12-years-old and almost lost consciousness after hearing an A-lister say the words “pubic hair” on TV (“I am about to pass out,” Coco informs her. “Hold me for this part!”), the Cowboys And Aliens star describes the best lady ink she’s ever seen thusly: “A little man with a lawnmower, walking along! Isn’t that great?” Then Olivia acts it out. Olivia Wilde: one of the few celebrities who we actually like more the more we hear her talk. About vagina tattoos.

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