Gabe & Max Like The Internet – Episode 11


It’s Friday! You know what that means, don’t you? Another exciting evening of CBS programming, starting with The Dukes of Hazzard, then Dallas, followed up by Falcon Crest and your local evening news. Oh wait, our bad, it’s no longer 1983 (even though labor force statistics show otherwise). Don’t let the doom and gloom of the Dow Jones get you down, though, because in 2011, Friday means it’s time for another new installment of Gabe & Max Like The Internet!

This week’s episode is guaranteed to make EVERYONE laugh. Everyone, that is, except Joe Piscopo. If your name is Joe Piscopo AND you used to star on Saturday Night Live, you might as well not click play on the video above. However, for everyone else that is NOT named Joe Piscopo, it’s CLICKS AHOY!

Complete List of videos after the jump:

Monkey Feeds Tiger [YouTube]
Rapper Falls Offstage [YouTube]
Construction Worker Sings Sinatra [YouTube]
Gold Surprise [YouTube]
Nerf Gun Dad [YouTube]

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