Glee Creator Ryan Murphy On His Many Regrets, Receiving Death Threats


Mistakes? Glee creator Ryan Murphy has made a few. Then again, too few to mention. Just kidding! Murphy has made so many mistakes while making his hit Fox show, he can’t help but list them off for us now. “Listen, I’ve screwed up in hindsight. I admit it,” Murphy told Deadline. “I think the condom demonstration was a road to far. I think showing a kid masturbating was a bridge too far.” Despite the show’s many Emmy nominations, the creator of Nip/Tuck sighs, “I think our first season was spectacular. I think our second season was good.” Ah, but which season was the one to feature McKinley High student Jacob Ben Isreal using the library for more than studying? Only then can you know what you should truly regret!

As for the prominence of actor Chris Colfer and his character’s Kurt struggle as a gay teenage, Murphy said, “I think that sometimes we get a bit preachy. I have felt that with the gay thing. I think sometimes we say in three sentences what we can say in one.” However, fabulous eye rolls and Broadway belting aside, the man behind the New Directions has no regrets for the show’s attempts to depict Kurt’s struggle as a normal one, so much so that there is still a possibility for a Glee spin-off for his character, among others.  “I’ve gotten death threats, yes. I have,” Murphy says. “I think anytime you shine a spotlight on homosexuality or minorities and you try and say they are as normal or as worthy as acceptance as others, the people who are on the fringe don’t like that and they will come after you. And they have come after me. I think it’s such a great show for young kids. The values of it, I think, are great.” So,  we can all agree…it was pretty much just masturbation scene that was a big misstep.

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