Mark Wahlberg and Leo DiCaprio Reveal Their Man-Crushes On Taylor Lautner


It looks like Marky Mark and Leo are definitely Team Jacob!  Taylor Lautner has been making heats beat faster ever since getting his defining role as everyone’s favorite dreamy teen wolf (sorry, MTV) in the Twilight Saga. And even former teen (current adult) heart-throbs Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio aren’t immune to his charms! The two senior badasses made light of Taylor’s star power at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual luncheon yesterday in Los Angeles.

“I am sitting at a table with a gentleman who is better looking than you and is in better shape than me,” Marky admitted to Leo while on stage. “So, we’re both out of a job, dude. Taylor Lautner! We’re screwed. It’s over, dude. Titanic and Boogie Nights were a long time ago. I accept it. I had a good run and on to the next.” Leo nodded in agreement and the room roared with laughter. What did the object of the attention think of all this? “It’s so odd,” he told E! Online reporter Marc Malkin.  “It’s such an honor. I’m up on the stage and talking in front of people like that? The people that I looked up to my entire life? Hearing words like that from Mark and everybody it’s just really surreal.”

Do you think Taylor has what it takes to be the next Leo or Mark? Let us know in the poll below!

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