Here’s The Dark Knight Rises Fight Scene Of Your Dreams


If the Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer had you amped up for apocalyptic Gotham-wide chaos, then you are going to really enjoy the Dark Knight Rises footage shot by Pittsbugh’s WPXI. Following the sneak peek of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman we got last week, the station managed to film a snowy street brawl between GCPD and what are reportedly inmates from Arkham Asylum. As you can see, there are multiple Batmans taking on Tom Hardy‘s Bane, though it’s not clear which one is Christian Bale and which are the stuntmen. Unless, for some reason, there are actual multiple Batmans in the film, but seeing as how we don’t want to scream until we lose consciousness, we’ll hold off on making that assumption.

The shoot allegedly also included an explosion at the Steeler’s Heinz Field, subbing in as home of the Gotham Rogues. “Right after the football scene ended, they did one explosion,” extra Erin Giambelluca told the Forest Hills-Regent Square Patch. “It looked like pieces of grass all over the field to make it look like it was blown up while the players were on it, and we had to wear ear plugs for that. We had to rehearse and make sure we weren’t smiling during that part.” We don’t know how managed to keep her joy on lock-down. We’re smiling at the idea of it right…now.

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