Trina, David Hasselhoff, And Mini Me Walk Into A Bar…


Being gay, it’s easy to appreciate public figures coming forward to lobby for my rights to love, marry, and be proud. It’s nice. But sometimes, it feels a little weird when the message gets lost among some strange semblance of self-importance and vanity, like the NOH8 photos, in which people dress up like they’re going to a Lady Gaga concert, and then put masking tape over their mouths to symbolize oppression, I think.

It’s like…thank you, Jeff Probst, Brooke Hogan, and Bobby Zarin, for siding with the idea that everyone deserves to be treated equally. But it just feels doesn’t feel like activism. It feels odd, like a half-hearted excuse to look intense under really good lighting.

Good on NO H8 for raising funds to help campaign for tolerance and acceptance of marriage equality and anti-discrimination. But in this video that calls on President Obama to legalize gay marriage, are David Hasselhoff, Trina, and Verne “Mini Me’ Troyer really the best celebrities to sell a serious message to the leader of the Free World?  Do they really expect POTUS to stop what he’s doing and say, “You know what? Until now, I figured the LGBT population wanted to get married, but who knew The Hoff felt that way? Somebody get me a pen and a scroll. It’s time to change history, Baywatch-style.”

[via Jezebel]

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