Elizabeth Banks “Giddy” Over Insane Hunger Games Costumes


If you’re unfamiliar with the Hunger Games series, you probably pieced together that the upcoming films are set in a futuristic dystopia where adolescents must fight in a harrowing battle royale. But did you also know it involves fabulous pink wigs? Elizabeth Bank’s Hunger Games character Effie Trinket, in particular, has an over-the-top costume which she described as being perfectly done. “I can’t wait for people to see her,” the actress proclaimed to Vulture. “The makeup is incredible. We were actually shooting in North Carolina. It’s 100 degrees, like 98 percent humidity. There’s, like, 400 extras, or some crazy number. They’re all little kids. They’re standing in the hot sun. We felt so badly. We’re, like, handing out Popsicles to keep their strength up and they’re just dropping like flies.” Those kids probably just fainted due to too much wig fabulousness! Or heatstroke. One of the two.

While Banks is ecstatic about her wardrobe selection, she couldn’t give much away for fear that director Gary Ross would film her in an actual bloodbath.  “All I can tell you is that Effie does have pink hair. When the hair and makeup was finished, we had all these people in the trailer and it was like everybody just got giddy all at once, like, ‘We did it!’ and ‘This is Effie! It’s going to be awesome!’ We were so happy,” Banks says, explaining, “You can get away with a lot of things in a book that you can’t get away with when you’re visually watching kids kill each other. So we just wanted to make sure that she didn’t look too clownish. And that we honored the solemnity of what’s going on in the book. I wouldn’t say we toned it down at all, but it’s very specific.” Gruesome hand-to-hand combat, an drag queen-style wardrobe, Stanley Tucci: this movie has everything for everyone.

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