Famous Beautiful Black Women Praise Patti LaBelle, LOL-Style


I don’t totally know what this is, to be completely honest with you. If I give it my best guess, it’s some sort of comedic video art piece in which some brilliant mind(s?) impersonate a handful of very famous, very powerful Black female luminaries in the arts and entertainment speaking on Patti LaBelle’s receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s BET Awards.

In case you’re not convinced, let’s do a roll call: Oprah, Nicki, Lil Kim, Rihanna, Mariah, Fantasia, Aretha, Whitney, Janet, Tyra, Diana, Beyonce, Tina, Chaka, and Maya Angelou (and Christina!!!) (OMG AND BLU CANTRELL!!!)

This is gold (as is the accompanying fake Patti LaBelle Twitter), especially for my fellow gay Jews who secretly grew up wishing Miss Patti was their Bubbe, but they would never tell their grandma because she would have probably died from heartache.

Videos NSFW, but who caaaares?

Part One:

Part Two:

“Hakuna matata, bitch.” – Aretha Franklin in our dreamz

Lorne Michaels, HIRE THESE PEOPLE!!!

[via Arch Noble (NSFW)]

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