Gavin DeGraw Cancels More Concerts, Vows To Be Back By The End Of August


Considering the man got hit by a taxi, it makes sense that Gavin DeGraw’s concerts have been canceled for the next couple weeks. It makes less sense that DeGraw plans to definitively join Train and Maroon 5 for a concert August 24. How do they know if that’s enough time for him to heal from a “concussion, broken nose and other injuries”? Even DeGraw tweeted yesterday, “Still sometimes seeing double. NYC looks overpopulated.” So, what, on August 24 his manager will just open the trapdoor under Gavin’s sick bed and drop him directly onto a piano bench? Actually, we would pay a lot money to see that…so we’re back on-board with the whole deadline idea!

DeGraw’s rep released a statement today confirming that the singer would need “additional time to recover” from his attack earlier this week, and would have to skip 8 concert dates that stretch from tomorrow night until the 22. According to US Weekly, new details about Gavin DeGraw’s attack suggest that that the musician was beat up at random. “These guys jumped him out of nowhere,” a source claim. “It’s weird because they didn’t take anything, I think they did it for sport.” This might be cruel, but we hope those attackers’ loved ones all had tickets to Gavin DeGraw concerts that they can longer use.

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