What Is Edward Cullen Looking At In The EW Breaking Dawn Cover Pic?


What’s that awful, high-pitched sound, you ask? Why it’s your FABlife team squeeing in unison over the new Entertainment Weekly that just came out today. Because, as many of you have noted on Twitter: we are fangirls. We love this image for many reasons — the gorgeous couple is wet, Bella’s making her best f*ck me face, her hair looks real, there is wedding ring action. The accompanying interview is even better; Rob and Kristen “shush” each other like an old married couple and they seem energized by the project and director Bill Condon‘s enthusiasm for the film and the creative process. (Yep, we fangirl Condon too.)

But we’re particularly intrigued by Edward’s face of fear on the cover. While Bella looks like she’s about to lay some sexy smack down, Edward looks paralyzed with terror (sexy terror, we should add). So what exactly happened to elicit such a reaction from the 108-year-old vampire? We’ve got our guesses below. What are yours?

  • Mike Newton showed up to test out some gear from his family’s camping store.
  • Bella whispered in his ear that she’s into BDSM and wants to tie him up.
  • A really delicious-looking deer pranced over to sip water at the edge of the falls.
  • Someone played him Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” video for the first time.
  • Esme just called to tell him that the headboard in the master bedroom is a family heirloom and realllllly important to her.

[Photo: EntertainmentWeekly]

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