Brooke Hogan Loves Animals So Much, She Crawled Into A Dog Crate, Naked


You know that thing where famous people disrobe to “make a statement” about animal rights? It’s one of those things where it’s like, good for you, Bethenny Frankel, Dave Navarro, and Taraji P. Henson, but this is probably more about you wanting to show us your taints, right? Let’s get real here, guys.

Brooke Hogan (professional daughter and one half of the best remix everrr) got naked and went into a dog cage as a model for Women In Cages,  a series of photos of — you guessed it — women in cages, for which a percentage of their sales will benefit PETA.

And we all know that rescued animals can all agree on one thing: nothing makes an doggy’s day quite like the knowledge that Brooke Hogan will flash her boobies to, um, save the world or something?

After the jump, a gross picture of Hulk Hogan being gross with his daughter. Gross.

Gross, Hulk. Gross.

[via The Superficial]

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