Cinderella Joins The Live-Action Princess Movie Parade


In addition to a possible Snow White movie (which is, you know, in addition to two other Snow White movies), Disney is currently hoping to land director Mark Romanek for their upcoming Cinderella live-action film. Let’s see, we also have a dark, edgy Little Mermaid and an upcoming Beauty and Beast starring Emma Watson…come on, Aladdin! If we’re going to do this, let’s just do this all the way! Get Robin Williams to be Genie again; he can’t be that busy!

According to Deadline, the plot of the proposed Cinderlly flick sounds more star-crossed romance than dark or edgy, centering around “the re-imaging of the classic tale where the prince is set for a politically arranged marriage, until the evil plan is threatened when the prince meets Cinderella.” Hmmm, it doesn’t sound like this Cinderella will be wieling a glass machete while driving her missile-proof pumpkin carriage through her stepsister’s rooms, but you never know. Jaq and Gus always looked like they could have murder in their tiny, mouse hearts.


[Photo: Walt Disney Productions]

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