So, Yes, A Diaper Derby Is A Thing


The third annual Nautica Diaper Derby took place recently, and, boy oh boy, was it terrifying. Look, I’m sure it gets crazy when you’re raising a kid. It’s a huge responsibility, not to mention a staggering change in how you live your life. So, sure, there are probably times when you go a little stir crazy, hungry to break out of the routine momentarily, jolting your life with a sense of wild unpredictability.

But, please, parents, don’t bring your kids to the Diaper Derby, in which 32 tots were screamed at by throngs of people as lights flashed and they crawled toward their parents (or, in some cases, electronics?) next to a plastic baby doll, face down, pulled slowly by a string. Go to the park! Or Target! Or California Pizza Kitchen! Wherever you go, just chilllll ooooout.

I believe the children are our future, so let’s try to keep that future free of excessive therapy bills by not attending the Diaper Derby. Your kid and I thank you.

[via Say OMG]

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