Iowa State Fair Elects Republican Presidential Candidate With Corn


At the 2011 Iowa State Fair this week, attendees were invited to vote for their favorite G.O.P. Presidential Candidate the only way people with no knowledge of Iowa would randomly guess people from Iowa would: By putting corn kernels into jars.

Here’s all fourteen potential candidates and their corresponding corn jars (Click For Full Size):

FUN FACT: Did you know all U.S. presidential elections were determined by corn kernels in jars until the electoral process was modernized in 1988? TRUE. Watch the political documentary Unsheathing The Corn, it’s eye-opening.

Two particular jars that caught our attention:

1) Poor McCotter. I don’t know who you are, but this is like ‘empty restaurant’ sad:

2) Aaaaaandddd, there’s this:

Kind-of-Sidenote: My wonderful sister-in-law is from Iowa, and I’ve greatly enjoyed witnessing this exact exchange occur anytime someone finds that out:

Person: You’re from Iowa? [Pause, as they think of anything they know about Iowa for follow-up question] Are you from Des Moines?

Her: No.

Person: ……Well. Nice.

(pic via Getty Images)

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