Taylor Swift Has Most Lady-Like Wardrobe Malfuction Ever


If we were to accidentally flash a group of people, it would be humiliating. Like, “Flash everyone at a White House dinner after we’ve turned our underwear inside out to save on laundry bills” humiliating. A Taylor Swift wardrobe malfunction, on the other hand, is just as cute and endearing as ours would be horrifying and cringe-worthy. Note to Taylor’s set designer: maybe move the upward-pointing wind machine from the end of the stage. We’re no engineers, but is just an embarrassing YouTube video waiting to happen.

Now, clearly this is nowhere near as gasp-inducing as Nicki Minaj’s nip slip earlier this month. Then again, if we know Nicki Minaj like we like to think we do, she would just cut two circles in her shirt a la Mean Girls and just keep on dancing like it was all intentional. Either way, what do Nicki and Taylor have in common? They didn’t stop singing, even in a moment when most of us would have collapsed to the stage in embarrassment after everyone saw our unmentionables. And that, our friends, is professionalism.

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