12 Videos Of Gérard Depardieu Made Funnier If You Imagine Him Peeing Himself


France’s most notable actor and recognizable French laugher has found himself in a dilly of a pickle. That’s because their most famous actor, Gérard Depardieu, got up on an airplane yesterday and peed himself for all the plane to see. That’s right. According to a witness, he was drunk and got up to use the bathroom. Only when a flight attendant told him to wait until after take off, he just stood and stared into the eyes of the poor woman while slowly letting out the most satisfying pee stream of his bulbous-nosed life. The 62-year-old actor could not be reached for comment, while the rag that soaked up his pee had this to say: “Baise ma vie.”

Given our deep-rooted love for Gerard Peepardieu (HIGHFIVE), we thought it would be a great service to the world to bring you 12 videos of him made funnier if you imagine him peeing himself. They were pretty great before, but sprinkle a little urine in these clips, and you’ll be amazed at how much better they get.

12. A Convincing Reenactment:

11. Danny Devito Has Probably Also Peed Himself:

10. He Was Doing It For The Role:

9. Playing The Pee-ano:

8. What Is Italian For “You’ve Ruined Our Chairs”?

7. His Fly Is Clearly Open:

6. If Only He Was Still This Hot:

5. They’re Both Peeing Themselves:

4. She’s Into It:

3. What Didn’t You Do?

2. Let’s Be Honest. I Peed Myself Watching This:


I think we can all agree that nothing will top this:

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