Gerard Depardieu Pees On Airplane Floor, To Other Passengers’ Dismay


When it comes to the French, actor Gerard Depardieu is basically their Tom Hanks, Robert DeNiro and John Malkovich rolled into one. Now imagine all three of those guys emptying their bladders in public and that’s about how insane it would be to hear that Gerard Depardieu peed on an airplane. Reportedly the actor’s flight from Paris to Dublin was delayed and had to wait on the tarmac. When Gerard was told by a member of the flight crew that he couldn’t use the restrooms until the flight had taken off, he did what we assume most A-listers secretly want to do: he proceeded to unzip and pee on the carpet. We bet it was more awkward than when his character sings “Thank Heavens For Little Girls” in My Father, The Hero. Well, almost that awkward.

Because they are fabulously European, City Jet, the company that operated the flight, took to their Twitter account to joke about the Gerard Depardieu peeing incident, tweeting, “As you may have seen on the news, we are busy mopping the floor of one of our planes this morning,” followed by “We’d also like to remind all passengers that our planes are fully equipped with toilet facilities.” As a fellow passenger named Daniele told French radio station Europe 1, “You could tell he’d been drinking,” Yeah…we can’t say for sure that Depardieu must have been drunk. We’re just saying, how many times has he peed in front of a horrified flight attendant while sober? The prosecution rests, Your Honor.

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