Ice-T Jokes About The Death Of RHOBH‘s Russell Armstrong On Twitter


We’ll never understand why celebrities get mad when people are offended by the awful things they post via social media, like for example, Ice T’s Russell Armstrong joke. It’s not like you whispered it to Coco in your own apartment and somehow the entire Internet heard. You posted it for your 126,736 followers, Ice!

Following news of Real Housewives of Beverly HillsRussell Armstrong’s suicide yesterday, confirmed by a coroner today, the Law & Order: SVU star waited way less than 24 hours before tweeting, “Bad Joke… But alotta those wives would make me consider it.” We guess if Ice knows it’s a bad joke, that makes it ugh. Despite the fact that The Hollywood Reporter and others have pointed out that it’s beyond “too soon” for that kind of riffing, the star of his own reality show Ice Loves Coco isn’t exactly taking it back any time soon. After posting some other jokes about The Situation Ambercrombie and Fitch debacle, Ice tweeted “I guess I just lost all my Rich Unhappy Wife, Jersey Kid Guido & Pro Hoe’n fans!!!! Damn! What am I gonna do now?!! I still got the #FLTG” Probably lose even more fans, if we had to guess.

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