Ryan Gosling Stops A Fight, Because Ryan Gosling Is The Best


OMG Ryan Gosling, is that you?!This video has surfaced on YouTube of a fight going down in the middle of St. Marks place in New York City that may feature the sexiest Canadian currently living in NYC. There’s a bit of a kerfuffle over some paintings that may or may not have been paid for, and then out of nowhere a glorious man in a stripped tank top and cuffed pants emerges and saves the day with his rippling biceps. The girls shooting the video immediately being squealing and identify him quickly as “the guy from The Notebook.” While there’s no way to be sure that it’s definitely him, you can’t deny the resemblance — or the arm muscles. For heaven’s sake, the arm muscles! Gosling has been known to fancy a tank top or two, so the fashion is certainly spot on. And of course, our beloved Gos would save the day, because that is what selfless hunks do, guys. It’s just what they do.

[via LaineyGossip]

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