TINY FUPPETS: Like Muppets, But Fuppets. And Tiny.


Who are the Tiny Fuppets? They’re like muppets, only fuppets, and Spanish Portuguese. How to describe them? Well hmm. They’re tiny. Really tiny. They’re the Muppet Babies, if the Muppet Babies were on a Mexican Brazilian cable access channel.

But really, do we ever think of the plight of these Tiny Fuppets? I mean, they’re so tiny. Poor Fuppets. Poor Little Fuppets. I mean Kermot is so tiny, he can’t even wear dog clothes, as you will soon learn via the helpful subtitles.

There really isn’t anything more I can tell you about these vids, other than they’re Kate Spencer’s “Favorite Thing On The Internet.” Apart from this, it is hard to argue with her. If you were a fan of our other favorite thing, Unicorn Planet, you will surely fall in love with the Tiny Fuppets.

Haven’t had enough?? We have another video ahead!

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