The 12 Best Ryan Gosling Earthquake Tweets


During today’s East Coast Earthquake (never forget) we were saved not by the crazed co-worker who ran a circle around our floor screaming, “I’m getting the f*ck outta here!” but by Twitter and the snarky quake commentary that she so readily provided. Because in a time of national crisis and emergency, is there anything better than jokes that reference the terrifying event and various pop culture events? We thought not.

Will and Jada Smith separating! Political commentary! Are those tremors or just the sound of us laughing the fear away? (Answer: both.) We were of course partial to all the Ryan Gosling jokes circulating this afternoon because 1. Duh and 2. He broke up a street fight, for crying out loud and 3. We made one ourselves. We compiled our 12 Favorite Ryan Gosling Earthquake Tweets in the gallery below. Cuz if The Gos is in charge of our environmental emergencies, we’ll all be fine, right?

[In all seriousness: Today was scary, we’re all fine and thanks for checking up on us. Stay safe out there!]

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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