Who… Is… Hanksy?


Living in New York’s Lower East Side just got a few percent more pleasant today, as mysterious images of a man calling himself “Hanksy” have been popping up all over the neighborhood. Hanksy… the greatest mystery of our time. Above, an image of a man, quite bedraggled and disgruntled, appears to be lobbing a soccer ball with a face painted on it into some sort of bleak abyss. Rarely does street art ever reach the emotional heights that this “Hanksy” character has achieved.

Jigs, they are up. That is obviously America’s Most Beloved PersonĀ© ( Tom Hanks, in a painted shot from his movie Cast Away (Ed. Note: One of my favorite movies ever… weird?) The street art is a play on the world’s actual most famous mystery artist Banksy, whose image of a protester hurling flowers has become one of his most iconic images to date.

But you can keep your Banksys. Because I would much prefer to leave my house and see Tom Hanks’ head turned into a child’s balloon…

…or Tom Hanks as depicted by a felonious rat:

[Photos: Splash, Juxtapoz, Wooster Collective)

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