A Marriage Between You And Hurricane Irene Would Never Work Out…


…You know that. Because you’re a homesexual Stephen.

You know, there are times when an idea will strike me so dumb, so ridiculously stupid, that rather than tell the world about it I keep it to myself, and file it away in my “Undiagnosed Aspergers ” folder. Such is the case every single time “Hurricane Irene” is mentioned, as the only Irene I could pull up in the ol’ brain rolodex was that of Irene McGee, former Real World: Seattle cast member. I thought I was alone.

Then VH1 blogger Liz Black posted the above image via the Stealing Happy Hours Tumblr. And it was like the world finally understood me. I was not alone anymore. And for that Liz, I thank you. And you, Lyme Disease. I haven’t forgotten about you either.

UPDATE: Irene has asked me to appear on her radio show “No One’s Listening” tomorrow to talk about the INTERNET. Listen in here at 2 PM EST!

If this Hurricane Irene is anything like Stephen’s “Slap Heard Round The World,” the East Coast is about to get suuuuuuper gay you guys (language NSFW):

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