Alexander Skarsgard’s 20 Sexiest Looks


We have a lot of feelings about Alexander Skarsgard (who turns 35 today), the most important of which is that he is the most beautiful specimen to walk the face of the earth.  We would pay double for HBO if they could find a way to incorporate his naked butt into every True Blood scene. Or how about just find a way to have him walk around naked on every series on the network? A naked Alex and the Entourage dudes? Palling around in his birthday suit with Larry David? We would watch! Oh, how we would watch.

But ASkars still delivers the sexy goods when fully dressed. Look at him in a suit! Look at him in a rumpled denim shirt! Look at him casually draping a suit jacket over a white tee that loosely hangs from his Nordic god muscles! It’s all just too much, which is why we have 20 delectable photos of Eric Northman hunking it up in our gallery below.

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