Very Professional Reporter Asks Soccer Player To Autograph Her Ass


Here’s Costa Rican supermodel and reporter (“reporter” in the absolute most professional sense of the word) Viviana Sánchez interviewing soccer player Wilson Munoz after a match and, in a move of hard-hitting journalism reminiscent of the late Walter Winchell, pulling down her pants and asking for him to sign her ass.

I’m not sure if the appropriate reference here is something ‘Happy Gilmore signing old lady’s cleavage’ related or the Ace Ventura “Excuse me, I’d like to ASS you a few questions,” so I’ll just lazily mention both. Feel free to combine the references and mail it back in time to make 7th Grade Me as forever joyful as the reporter in this video.

The video is after the jump (probably SFW, especially if you work at one of those weird South American variety shows where girls’ pants keep falling off):

Hm. I always did wonder what it would look like if I interviewed Jon Hamm.

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