Babyoncé Might Hold Up Production Of A Star Is Born


While Beyoncé’s pregnancy might have made our hearts explode in a collective burst of multi-colored tuxedo jackets, it also means it might be awhile before we see Beyoncé in A Star Is Born, Clint Eastwood‘s musical remake the often-rebooted film from 1937. The most recent version of the movie would be the 1976 film starring Barbra Streisand, and wait a minute…not only is she currently growing a tiny adorable person inside herself, but we just realized that Beyoncé is the new Barbra. It’s only Monday, but we do not see how this week could get any better for this woman.

While Eastwood was allegedly hoping for a February 2012 start, the arrival of Baby Hova will likely push back filming, unless the movie’s screenwriters can come up with an explanation for why Bey’s character would be holding a laundry basket in every scene. Oh, maybe she works at a laundromat. That wasn’t that hard. The delay might work out for the best anyway, seeing as how Leo DiCaprio, Clint’s first pick for the male lead, is opting not to do the film. Other names that have been bantered around include Christian Bale and Will Smith. Personally, we’re going to go ahead and suggest Jay-Z for the role, and then just subtly tweak the movie’s premise into being one giant, star-studden episode of A Baby Story. We’d all be on-board with that, right?

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