Emma Roberts Headed To College


We’re all for lots and lots of higher education (Hi, Sallie Mae!) but some small part of us always raises an eyebrow when a successful actor or actress leaves Hollywood to get their bachelor’s. All we’re saying is, we get a college degree to get a job, not as a way to spend time after Scream 4 and before…well, probably before Scream 5. Our tall glass of haterade aside, Emma Roberts is enrolled at Sarah Lawrence for the fall, where she’ll learn how to write persuasive essays and find out just how many people loved her aunt in Notting Hill.

“I’m leaving for New York tomorrow to attend my very first semester of college,” Robets explained last night after the VMAs. “I’m studying English literature and couldn’t be more excited!” We hope she’s able to stay together with her manfriend Chord Overstreet. Bringing a relationship to college and not breaking up is so hard, even if both of you have your own private jets.

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