Solange Knowles Gets In Fight With Cops Over Inflatable Banana


Some days it’s hard to find inspiration in the ol’ celebrity gossip world. And other days, Solange Knowles gets in trouble with the cops for trying to enter a club carrying a 5-foot long inflatable banana. THIS is why we love our job, internet! Amazingly this all went down while Beyonce was onstage rubbing her beautiful Beyonce baby belly and shimmying in a sequined tuxedo jacket. Ugh, that alone gives us second child syndrome.

According to TMZ, Solange got upset when she was turned away from Miami’s Club Cameo (because of the banana, apparently), and complained to cops that “she was turned away for racial reasons.” Then, according to the po-po, “Knowles became unruly with off-duty officers, who took her across the street to try and calm her down.  Solange claims that’s when cops pulled a “weapon” on her — we’re told she claimed it was a knife — and threatened to deflate the banana.”

It does not get better than this, people. The last thing we want is for the lovely Solange to earn the title of “crazy auntie” before her niece or nephew is even born. Just pack that banana up and head home, girl!

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