The Top 10 VMA Moments We’ll Be Talking About Tomorrow


The MTV Video Music Awards just ended, but our Twitter feed is still overflowing with commentary and our Tumblr dashboard is packed with GIFs. The night certainly didn’t disappoint, what with Dude Gaga (aka Jo Calderone) hitting on everyone in between smokes and Beyonce and Jay-Z glowing with excitement over their musical messiah. But where do they fall on our Top 10 VMAs Moments We’ll Be Talking About Tomorrow? Read our list below and stack our favorite moments against yours!

10. Lil Wayne leaping in his seat to cheer on Nicki Minaj. Nothing will stop this short guy from supporting his gal pal.

9. Adele‘s much-deserved standing ovation for her amazing performance of “Someone Like You, ” AKA “The Entire World’s Break Up Song.” We wept openly in the fetal position during the entire thing. We’re totally fine now though! *sniff*

8. Cloris Leachman and the Jersey Shore girls star in: Trainwreck City! They’re old, they’re young, they’re DTF up their hosting bit on live TV!

7. Jersey Shore Ronnie fist-pumping along to Lil Wayne while atop another man’s shoulders. We’d watch another Jersey Shore season of just this.

6. That Britney Spears tribute! It’s Britney, bitch! Remixed with a bunch of little kids dancing!

5. Justin Bieber‘s out of control hormones. If Selena‘s face is on camera, chances are the Beib’s mouth will be attached to it.

4. The Hunger Games trailer a snoozefest? Maybe for some of you, but not for those of us who are fans of Jennifer Lawrence running in a forest with Liam Hemsworth‘s voice playing in the background!

3. Tyler the Creator‘s earnest and adorable acceptance speech, contrasted with his ridiculous tie-dyed cat shirt. Oh, and his cheering mother, who will forever live on in GIF form.

2. And the What Is Life Award goes to: Lady Gaga, for hitting on Britney Spears while in character as a dude, only to be flat out denied. (No offense Brit, but Dude Gaga >Jason Trawick.)

1. Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce OMG Jay-Z watching Beyonce perform he’s all proud and adorable and is it possible that they are BOTH glowing OMG THEY ARE HAVING A MUSICAL MESSIAH BABY AND ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD!!! (So much so that we’ll overlook those sparkle-y tuxedo jackets, Bey — this time.)

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