Confirmed: We’re Going To Cry Watching Breaking Dawn


Look, we’ve been known to let out a chuckle or two while watching the Twilight movies (in between our non-stop squealing, obviously). You know, there’s Jacob’s dream-catcher, and the wolf pack’s jorts, and Bella’s Eclipse wig and all the serious staring. But there shall be no giggling come November, when we sit in the theater with one hand in some popcorn and another hand firmly planted on a box of tissues. This screen shot from Breaking Dawn: Part 1 confirms our destiny: we will cry.

Maybe it’s Charlie — in a tux! — staring so earnestly at Bella as she prepares for her wedding day. Perhaps it is Renee squeezing back tears as she stands next to her ex-husband and remembers her own nuptials, or Bella’s serene face in the midst of the madness. (Love that they went with a braided up-do a la Kristen Stewart at the NYC Eclipse premiere!) It could be the fact that Kristen has talked so candidly about how emotional and important the wedding shoot was for her that makes us turn to mush. Chances are all these things will join forces with our tear ducts and cause us to blubber non-stop as Bella walks down the aisle to Edward.

We’ll just have to dry our eyes by watching some good ol’ fashioned Brazilian island sex.

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[Photo: Summit Entertainment]


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