Michael Jackson’s Pet Chimp Sucked Whitney Houston’s Toes


We’re gonna say it, Michael Jackson‘s pet chimp Bubbles is a bit of a superfreak. At least according to The Real Michael Jackson, a documentary made by lifelong Jackson friend and reality star David Gest. While the cameras rolled, Gest told the story of MJ’s simian companion putting some serious Quentin Tarantino moves on dinner guest Whitney Houston. “Whitney was having dinner with Michael at his Neverland home when she accidentally dropped her knife under the table,” Gest explained. Ever the gentleman, Mike got down on his hands and knees to retrieve it for her. And suddenly Whitney felt the sensation of her toes being sucked. But instead of being freaked out, she was kinda into it. “She moaned, ‘Michael, is that you? Don’t stop. That’s so sensual.'” Gest continued, creating a mental-scene so bizarre that the only way to make it weirder is the addition of a monkey. “Yet Michael’s head popped up and her toes were still being sucked. It turned out it was Bubbles.” We can’t imagine Bobby Brown was cool with this. Did he go all Marcelles Wallace on Bubbles!?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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