James Franco Set To Return To General Hospital


Since he just got surprisingly good reviews for summer action flick Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, it seems like there’s really only one perfect career path for James Franco: returning to General Hospital. The Oscar-nominee will be headed back to Port Charles this fall, having guest starred for a two-month arc in 2009 as a serial killer. Really, how does he plan to top a role that amazing? We can just picture a sweaty Franco pacing back in forth in a boardroom, trying to explain how super-intelligent chimps make perfect sense on a soap opera.

E! Online has an exclusive pic of James Franco’s return to set, and if you guessed it would feature him drooling fake blood through his classic Franco grin, you are correct. According to the show’s plot synopsis, the upcoming episode would feature “psychotic artist Franco returning to Port Charles just as Jason Morgan and Samantha McCall are about to become husband and wife.” Oh no! Not Jason and Samantha, whoever they are! They are def going to get a super-chimp-related surprised on their wedding day!

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